Thursday, 9 June 2011

Welcome to Damned To Darkness

This blog came about as we wanted a place to share up to date news on the adventures of Terry Sharp . His last official outing was THE FACELESS: A Terry Sharp Story from Image comics in '05 . Since then Bob and I have discussed further ways to continue telling Terry's story and production is ongoing on a daily strip in the vein of the classic newspaper adventure strips of the past. That's our aim.

DAMNED TO DARKNESS will feature sketches , drawings , little seen strips ( from before The Faceless debuted) and NEW stuff . It will be our creative diary if you like and I hope you enjoy what we've in store...



  1. WOWZA! About frikkin' time,mate- to quote Dan: CAN-NOT-WAIT!

  2. Thanks Neil ! And for those who don't know - Neil drew the amazing Frankenstein strip in the back of THE FACELESS and is working on his own horror opus FLESH AND BLOOD with Bob Tinnell for Monsterverse , coming in the Fall . Needless I'm jealous as hell ...


  3. I've been trying to get online all day to post but been swamped trying to finish post on the promo piece for THROAT SPROCKETS with Tim Lucas. Needless, to say I am beyond ecstatic that we're bringing Terry and Elspeth back - and that you got this site up and running...

  4. Nice blog but please change the font - it`s a pain in the arse to read!

  5. Whopix - hope this is more legible!