Thursday, 23 June 2011


Here's the very first drawing of Terry Sharp and Elspeth Sasdy I did as a warm up to drawing the strip SHADOWDANCE. The stone hand holding the sacrificial knife was more symbolic than reality in the strip where the duo run into druids one dark night.

This is a promotional strip we knocked together from some of the art from the series , however we changed stylistic tack halfway through to the more watercolour look and I started all over again!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

TS 21 Partial panels

                                             Some of tonight's inks plus letters from episode 21.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

THE FACELESS mock cover story

In some quarters arguably the cover we should of used for THE FACELESS ! A simple geometric design that if it lacked anything it was Terry's sexy partner in crime Elspeth Sasdy! I still like this simple drawing all these years later.


Where it all began...

Seems like an eternity since Bob Tinnell emailed me with the idea of Terry Sharp ( the name compiled from a combination of cult horror film directors Terry Fisher and Don Sharp , trivia buffs). He sold me on the idea ( as though I needed *selling* ) by saying the strip was going to be a cross between The Saint and Curse Of The Demon. What more did this Brit need to know to sign the pact ?

The character first debuted buried in a  charity benefit comicbook . Two pages of RUSES AND RUNES in greywash heralded the coming of our hero - a lowkey start not seen by many , so it seems right it should form the basis of the second post here. I hope you dig this slice 'o history ...


Welcome to Damned To Darkness

This blog came about as we wanted a place to share up to date news on the adventures of Terry Sharp . His last official outing was THE FACELESS: A Terry Sharp Story from Image comics in '05 . Since then Bob and I have discussed further ways to continue telling Terry's story and production is ongoing on a daily strip in the vein of the classic newspaper adventure strips of the past. That's our aim.

DAMNED TO DARKNESS will feature sketches , drawings , little seen strips ( from before The Faceless debuted) and NEW stuff . It will be our creative diary if you like and I hope you enjoy what we've in store...